denise gordon

about me

Hello, my name is Denise Gordon. I'm a native Chicagoan who strolled into the City of Angels 20 years ago. I'm a mom who refused to lose myself just because I became a parent. I like looking my best when I step out the door, and I'm passionate about helping other people see their ideal image of themselves in the mirror.

I speak rock'n'roll, hip-hop and Sinatra.

I love food. Let's order lunch!

about my work

My expertise is in facial enhancement cosmetics - hairstroke eyebrows, permanent makeup of the eyes (upper and lower eyeliner) and the lips. I am a Softap Permanent Cosmetics technician.

SofTap is a handheld needle method that is the easiest and most gentle way to implant color into the skin. The sterile hand tool allows me complete control in creating a very natural look with beautiful results!

When I started out, I studied under a reputable SofTap guru - but the training never ends for me. I am constantly updating my skills through hands-on seminars across the country and a community of like-minded artists. I'm always current on the latest methods and trends in the permanent makeup industry. I rub elbows with aspiring models, producer moms and sassy octogenarians.

I don't have a factory mindset. If you're looking for someone to quickly pin your head against the wall and give you racing stripes, I'm not your girl.

Microblading has become very popular with everyone of all ages (including men). This procedure allows for a very natural looking eyebrow. My eye for detail and precise microstroking technique has allowed me to create some of the most beautiful brows on my clients!

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